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珍煮丹 Truedan Singapore

From humble beginnings, Truedan was born in the world-renowned Shilin Night Market in Taipei. Conceived in 2010, their name, “珍煮丹”, means more than you would expect . The first two characters of the store’s name, “珍煮” (zhēn zhǔ), is a play on the characters “珍珠” (zhēn zhū), which represents the pearls in bubble tea. “煮” (zhǔ), meaning to cook, replaces “珠” (zhū), as a testament to the store’s dedication to cooking pearls true to the original Taiwan taste. Finally, the three characters placed together means “elixir”, perfectly capturing the brand’s delicious and whimsical beverages.

What distinguishes Truedan from its competitors is its brown sugar pearls. After a year of relentless research and development, the brand created its own unique formula for producing and manufacturing brown sugar. Unlike the conventional method of combining ready-made brown sugar syrup with pearls, Truedan caramelises its self-produced sugar in-house, transforming it from finely milled grains to thick, golden nectar. Pearls are then infused and slow cooked in the syrup, resulting in chewy, aromatic pearlfection. In order to maintain freshness and Jenjudan signature texture, the pearls are diligently cooked and glazed every two hours.

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