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Mosanco Promotion and cash Giveaway

Published 19 May 2020
Type Coupon
Category Dining, Health & Beauty
01 May 2020 - 01 Jun 2020
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As a local brand, we have launched a campaign during this tough period to create more values to our friends and consumers to maintain their health while staying away from Covid19 at home. We are doing a Cash giveaway and promotion at the same time from 1st May 2020 to 1st June 2020. 

Mosanco Promotion & Cash Giveaway 2020!

Customers can use promo code “ShareMosanco” to enjoy 20% off purchases at our website! Purchase 2 boxes and above to enjoy Free delivery!

Grand prize of $5888 & Weekly prizes of S$288 & S$588 to be given away!

To participate in this Giveaway, follow the steps below:

1.Go to

2.Purchase $50 and above worth of Mosanco products within the period 1st May 2020 to 1st June 2020

3.Watch our Instagram Live to find out the winners!

Winner Draw Dates:

Weekly Live Draw 1: 8th May 2020

Weekly Live Draw 2: 16th May 2020

Weekly Live Draw 3: 24th May 2020

Weekly Live Draw 4: 1st June 2020

Final Grand Prize and Consolation Prize Live Draw: 5th June 2020

Stand a chance to win!:

1. Grand Prize of S$5888! (Live Draw on 5th June 2020!)

2. Weekly prizes of S$288 & S$588! (Live Draw each week!)

3.Consolation Prizes (Live Draw on 5th June 2020!)

Terms and conditions apply.

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Mosanco is a local product company based in Singapore. Our products are made with natural ingredients, formulated and manufactured locally in Singapore. Our company was started by a group of friends with the aim of helping people lead a healthy and happy life while fighting the effects of Modern living.

Our first flagship product is Mosanco Tea , a functional beverage that can

🔸Promote healthy levels of 

 1. Blood Pressure

 2. Blood Sugar Level

 3. Cholesterol (LDL levels)

🔸Reduce carbohydrate & sugar absorption

🔸Contains flavanoids, antioxidants that boost your immunity


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